Biopolymers Alternative raw materials


Thinking of our children’s world today

In today’s world, renewable resources and environmental friendly aspects are becoming more and more important. As an alternative to raw materials based on crude oil, bio materials are increasingly being used for the manufacture of biaxially stretched packaging films – the most successful to date is PLA. Brückner has vast experience with PLA going back to 1999. Numerous trials on the Brückner pilot line with mono and bi-axially oriented PLA (MOPLA and BOPLA) have showed excellent results.

Brückner Servtec has already successfully upgraded existing lines, originally designed for traditional raw materials, now running with biopolymers. One example is Taghleef Industries, the worldwide leading BOPP producer, who has been successfully producing BOPLA film on a modified Brückner line in Italy for many years. 

Recently other bio-based raw materials are in discussion as competitive alternatives to the existing polymers: Cellophane, starch blends, Bio-PE or – very trendy: PEF. The latter being thoroughly examined at Brückner’s Technology Center with good results regarding its stretchability.

To sum up: Brückner is ready to partner with any film producer to conquer the market for bio-based and bio-degradable film.