BOPA Sequential & simultaneous


Experience & references

BOPA films have a variety of exceptional properties such as puncture, impact, burst and tear resistance. Tough packaging demands, outstanding gas barrier properties, a good resistance to oils, greases, solvents and alkalis as well as freezer-suitability are perfectly covered by BOPA films. They are therefore increasingly in demand for the packaging of fatty and oily food, distilled goods, agricultural or medical products.

We offer: 

  • Proven sequential and simultaneous BOPA technology
  • Special features such as online shrink adjustment 
  • Superb production efficiency
Film Type Thickness Range
ABC film 12 - 30 µm
Barrier film with EVOH 12 - 30 µm


Your benefits

with our sequential and simultaneous BOPA lines


High outputs and low production costs

Sequential lines above 6 m width


Value-added film properties

Unique simultaneous stretching technology