BOPET Better film properties


Proven speed, proven width, more profit

Brückner offers various line concepts with different working widths and outputs for a highly efficient production of flexible BOPET packaging film. The latest approach is a unique 10.7m concept for BOPET lines – for the highest productivity available to date. The highlight is our unique MDO hot stretch technology for high speeds and output as well as improved optical and mechanical film properties.

  • Speeds up to 600 m/min
  • Various packaging film types
  • Direct film casting as an attractive alternative with reduced production costs


Film Type Thickness Range
Laminating/printing/metallising 8 - 50 µm
Clear film/laminating 10 - 75 µm
White film label/pool/lidding 20 - 75 µm
Matt film label/metallising 12 - 75 µm
Yarn grade film  12 - 36 µm
Inline coated film 8 - 75 µm
Sequin film 90 - 125 µm

Your benefits

with our BOPET lines


Better film properties

Unique stretching process


Lower production costs

Optimised energy management


Highest yield and efficiency

High speed, large width