BOPE More convenience


New packaging structures with a new film type

BOPE packaging solutions for an improved sustainability

BOPE offers new possibilities for a sustainable packaging by down-gauging possibilities in comparison to PE blown film.

The sealing performance and seal integrity is superior to BOPP, also puncture resistance and a linear tear behavior for easy opening is beneficial.

Brückner offers a BOPP / BOPE hybrid-line concept for a full output and high film quality situation at both products.


  • Line width: 6.6 m and 8.7 m
  • Speeds up to 525 m/min
  • 5-layer configuration
  • Inline Coating
Film Type Thickness Range
Plain film  15 - 20 µm
Heat sealable film 20 - 60 µm
Metallizable film 15 - 40 µm
White film 25 - 50 µm