BOPP Large, fast, flexible


Innovative solutions for all BOPP film types

Our customers get technologies and services for an efficient production of numerous BOPP film types for a wide variety of applications: whether high output lines for commodity films or special lines for special films such as tobacco film, high barrier films, synthetic paper and many more.

For the high-yield production of specialty multilayer film with 5, 7, 9 or more layers for attractive high-margin markets, we offer tailored solutions for value-added applications: Ultra-high-barrier film, various label types, high-speed form-fill-seal, overwrapping and many more.


Film Type Thickness Range
Plain film  12 - 50 µm
Plain film for adhesive tapes 25 - 40 µm
Heat sealable 15 - 40 µm
Metallisable film, label film 15 - 40 µm
White opaque film 25 - 50 µm
Cigarette film 20 - 22 µm
Matt film 18 - 40 µm
Cavitated film
25 - 80 µm
0.65 g /cm3

Your benefits 

with our BOPP lines


Highest yield and efficiency

Proven widths up to 10.4 m


Maximum output and lowest production costs

Speeds up to 600 meters per minute


Utmost flexibility

3, 5, 7 layer configuration