Our solutions for packaging

Our solutions for packaging

Packaging Film Lines

Our solutions meet the challenges

In the packaging film business, the market demands cost-competitive products to be delivered in various lots and on time. Economy of scale is important and therefore we offer dedicated lines with the highest output and the lowest production costs, while still remaining flexible in order to permit the production of a variety of films.

Our innovations and experience enable us to supply state-of-the-art equipment and services. Film producers benefit in all kinds of markets – whether the cost competitive commodity business or the technologically advanced specialty markets.



Our lines guarantee

  • Highest quality and automation standards
  • High yield and raw material efficiency
  • Excellent flexibility and production stability
  • High uptime through fast product changes, easy operation, low maintenance
  • Superior film quality
  • Low energy consumption




Large, fast, flexible


Better film properties


Sequential & simultaneous


More convenience


Low, medium and high shrink films


Alternative raw materials

BOPP Stone Paper

A material for the future