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Statement on Corona virus

18 мар 2020

Dear Customers, Partners & Friends, 

In view of the rapid advance of the coronavirus across Europe, we would like to inform you of the steps which the Brückner Group and in particular Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec have taken in order to be able to continue to provide you with our supplies and services even under these extremely difficult circumstances.

Our first priority, of course, is the safety and well-being of all our employees, their families and all our customers worldwide. We tackled the situation at a very early stage by setting up an internal crisis team. It meets 2 – 3 times a week and is also in contact with our overseas offices around the world.

At these meetings, appropriate measures have already been agreed. These include hygiene standards, the maintenance of an appropriate distance to possible sick persons, travel warnings and restrictions as well as regulations concerning the introduction of home office working, etc.

Unfortunately, the declared risk areas by Robert Koch Institute have now gradually expanded. Nevertheless we were able to maintain our work to a large extent during February and have succeeded in doing so thus far in March.

The situation in Europe has deteriorated considerably in recent days. Borders have been closed and the movement of goods is subject to delays. 

Of course we shall endeavour to find every possible reasonable and realistic alternative solution in order to be able to continue to provide the relevant services, albeit possibly to a lesser extent but in any case without risking the health of our employees and relevant staff – and yours as well.  

If it is no longer possible for engineers or other service staff to travel safely to other locations, it will unfortunately not be possible for them to carry out work elsewhere. Our duty of care towards our employees is obviously our top priority.

Once again we ask for your understanding that it will take time for us to be able to develop the appropriate plans to deal wisely with this new, dynamic situation. Above all, any arrangements must also be able to guarantee the safety and quality of the services we provide both internally and on our construction sites.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the consideration you have shown so far. You can be sure that we shall deal with this difficult situation conscientiously and responsibly at all times and will do everything in our power to find appropriate alternatives in the spirit of a cooperative partnership.

Yours sincerely,

Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Helmut Huber (COO Sales & PM)
Michael Baumeister (COO Technology & Logistics)                   
Stefan Neumann (CFO)

Brückner Servtec GmbH
Markus Gschwandtner (Managing Director)
Tobias Fuchs (CFO)


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