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23 Oct 2018

A glimpse into the world of super-thin films

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16 Aug 2018

Polyester backsheet solutions with enhanced hydrolytic stability

Samples produced and tested in Brückner’s unique technology center
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18 Jun 2018

New benchmarks in sustainability and environmental protection

Stone paper is an ecological and modern alternative
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14 Dec 2017

New Technology Center Brochure

Updated information about the unique R&D facility
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01 Dec 2017

BOPP based barrier films with additional functionalities

Some recent BOPP barrier developments - brand new from the Brückner Technology Center
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19 Dec 2016

Sequential BOPP high seal strength films

Simplification of multi-web structures is a trend in the food packaging industry
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29 Aug 2016

Inline coating of polyester films for optical applications

The demand for large-sized LCD televisions remains high and therefore the need for high quality polyester films is still a very important topic for film producers. Brückner’s inline coating technology ensures maximum quality.
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08 Aug 2016

Highly weatherable BOPET solar back sheet containing novel hydrolytic stabilizer

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13 Jan 2016

New materials for high temperature capacitors

Innovative polymer-based films or coextruded polymers with high voltage and temperature resistance
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08 Dec 2015

Sleeve label technologies are exciting

New co-extruded low density shrink sleeve label film
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