Jiangsu Sanfame and Brückner are ready for the next step

06 Jul 2021

Three new BOPET lines will increase film production capacity decisively

Established in 1980, Sanfangxiang Group Co., Ltd., is a diversified holding group engaged in multi-industry and multi-brand development, with 7,000 employees and business in 105 countries all over the world. Sanfangxiang Group takes the polyester industry as the main business and concurrently develops new resins, chemical fiber materials, polyester films and others. Their daughter company Jiangsu Sanfame Polytech Co., Ltd. produces 300,000 tons of PET packaging film, metallization base film, metallization film, adhesive tape base film, hot stamping base film and electrical insulation film per year – this is the status today.

The machine park of eight Brückner BOPET lines is now being expanded to include three state-of-the-art 10.5m wide lines, increasing the yearly capacity by 150,000 tons. Again, the lines will be integrated into Sanfame’s direct film casting technology: The polyester melt, which is generated in a polycondensation plant, is fed directly into the biaxial stretching lines to ensure utmost production efficiency with at the same time highest film quality.

Bruce Bian, one of the responsible persons of Sanfame’s film project, says: ”For us, it is about the continuous further development of product quality, our manufacturing efficiency and the sustainability of our production. Therefore we were absolutely convinced of Brückner’s innovative line concept, including their sliding chain track system “FOK 8.8”, which will help us to optimize chain track maintenance and refurbishment dramatically”. This reduced maintenance effort can be achieved with the smart design of the “FOK 8.8”, which consists of much less wear parts, than the conventional system with roller bearings.

Brückner Sales Director Reinhard Priller proudly adds: “The joint projects number 9, 10, 11 are already something special in our long partnership. It simply makes us happy, that one of the leading BOPET film producers gives us confidence in our technology and our reliability. We will not disappoint Sanfame this time either.”




已经拥有8条布鲁克纳 BOPET生产线在运转的生产园区现正在扩建,其中包括三条最先进的10.5米宽生产线,年产能增加15万吨。同样,这些生产线将集成到三房巷的直熔铸片成膜技术中: 在聚酯工厂中产生的聚酯熔体直接送入双向拉伸生产线,以确保最高的生产效率和最高的薄膜质量。

三房巷薄膜项目的负责人之一卞伟冬说:“对我们来说,这关乎产品质量、生产效率和生产可持续性的不断进一步发展。 因此,我们完全相信布鲁克纳的创新生产线概念,包括他们的滑动链轨系统“FOK 8.8”,这将帮助我们大大优化链轨维护和翻新”。“FOK 8.8”的智能设计可以透过比传统滚珠轴承系统大幅减少磨损部件,进而减少维护工作量。




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