A New Image for the Brückner Group

Innovative, unique, emotional and completely new

In mechanical engineering, the photos that are used for marketing/ advertising/ communication purposes usually show machinery and installations, together with an occasional photo of an end application. In general that is neither particularly appealing, nor does it present a concrete unique characteristic. And it is most certainly not original.
This prompted us to think about the problem, with the result that we decided that we wanted to convey more than just technology and machinery. After all, behind all the technology you will always find people and personalities. But how can we succeed in conveying at the same time the idea of our innovative skills and unique approach? The solution is: to create emotions!


The new image of the Brückner Group

The key message: "Put people at the center of the activities since they are the major asset for innovative products".

Creating emotions

Brückner Group images

It was our aim to create something innovative, emotional and distinctive; something with symbolic character and top quality. It should preferably be unusual and above all unexpected. And so we went in search of a completely new approach, in which people, technology and art are linked together with style.
We developed unique photo motifs for each company within the Brückner Group. In association with the relevant claims they develop their own dynamism and transport our core message. At least at second sight – and without interpreting too much into the whole thing – the artistic presentation and “motto” will complement each other to form a powerful whole.