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from Brückner Technology Center
11 Oct 2010

Development of new BOPP Barrier Films

Due to new market trends and demands the application of flexible multilayer plastic films requires permanent development and flexibility.   Current main …
02 Jun 2010

Transparent 7-Layer BOPP barrier films

As in recent years the profit margins for standard biaxially oriented BOPP films decreased, many BOPP producers are looking for added-value specialty films. …
14 May 2010

Flexible printed circuits & stretching high temperature thermoplastic films

18 May 2010 - The market for flexible printed circuit devices (FPC) is growing fast. These applications are based on high temperature polymer films. In …
28 Apr 2010

Successful stretching of fluoro thermoplastics

By stretching thermoplastic fluoropolymers it is possible to increase the mechanical properties considerably. Thus it is possible to reduce costs by using …
13 Apr 2010

Technology Center Newsletter Issue 1

Brückner`s unique technology center is widely used by film producers, converters and raw material suppliers for tests, developments, analysis and training. We …