Brückner Maschinenbau

Small-scale design – large-scale project.

Our world-leading film-stretching machines are conceived, designed, built and sold by around 600 employees. An initial idea gives rise to a huge film-stretching line. Small grains of plastic granulate give rise to a remarkably large roll of film. We are well aware that, above all, the passion and expertise of our employees are decisive in this process. And we act accordingly as well.

What we stand for

  • Our machines and systems are unrivalled worldwide in terms of size and performance.
  • We develop film-stretching systems without limits – for the widest variety of applications.
  • No two machines are alike.
  • We work with pioneering technologies.
  • Stagnation and boredom are completely alien to us.
  • We have confidence in our employees and give them the freedom they require.
  • We are passionate about our work.
  • Our location provides plenty of scope for recreation and family.
  • We appreciate the enormous expertise of our employees.
  • We work internationally – and that makes it special.

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