Pilot Line

Pilot Line

Unique Flexibility for All Kinds of Stretching

Our Pilot Line has been further extended with a highly flexible machine direction orienter unit (MDO), additional clips to simulate a chain track for transverse direction orienter (TDO) and a newly integrated process control software.


Thus, for the first time, numerous film types up to 7 layers can be manufactured in all stretching modes, using a wide variety of resins:


  • MD (machine direction) stretching for e.g. tapes
  • TD (transverse direction) stretching for e.g. sleeves
  • Biaxial sequential stretching for packaging and technical films
  • Biaxial simultaneous stretching for specialty films (unique LISIM® technology) 


The Pilot Line is the perfect environment for R&D and sample production for BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPS, BOPLA, MOPET-G, MOPS and many other film types.

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