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20 Jul 2011

PET film with 0% shrinkage up to 180°C by simultaneous stretching with LISIM®


20 Jul 2011 - BOPET film is well known and preferred in use for many packaging and technical applications. Some examples of new applications for BOPET films aroused during the past few years due to the technological progress in the field of printed electronics, photovoltaics and flat panel displays.

The usage of films in these highly sophisticated fields of applications implicates significantly increased requirements. Dimensional stability at temperatures above 150°C is one of the most important quality criteria for PET films used in the area of printed electronics.

To meet the requirements on dimensional stability nowadays the biaxially stretched and subsequent annealed films are heat-stabilized offline in a second process step in a tenter with low film tensions applied.



Brückner has developed a process to produce PET films with highest dimensional stability in only one process step
High level dimensional stability allows to facilitate and optimize the post processing not only during the inkjet printing process of printed electronics