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28 Nov 2013

Latest developments at Brückner’s technology center

Long-term experience for various film types


In the world of oriented films Brückner’s technology center with its ultra-flexible pilot line is unique. Film producers, resin manufacturers and converters can rent the facilities and benefit from a broad portfolio of film stretching modes:


  • Biaxial sequential stretching from the roll or with inline extrusion
  • Biaxial simultaneous stretching from the roll or with inline extrusion
  • Both stretching modes in combination with inline coating
  • Mono-axial stretching in MD or TD direction
  • Layer configurations from 1 to 7 layers are possible, made by up to 5 extruders


As a result of numerous pilot line tests using a wide variety of resins we can now offer long-term experience for various film types. For detailed information please download the pdf "Pilot Line Experiences".


Our latest developments include:


  • PE-BSF (Battery Separator Film) in semi-dry process
  • PP-BSF in dry process
  • Simultaneously stretched thin PP capacitor film (2.4 – 3.0 µm)
  • PET-substrate film for printed electronics
  • Thick PET film for solar back sheet
  • Multilayer sleeves on the basis of G-PET/ SBC or polyolefins
  • PP and PET inline coating for perfect metallization and printability
  • BOPP high shrink cigarette film, low cost, without hydrocarbons
  • BOPP ultra-high-barrier film with extreme low OTR and WVTR
  • BOPA / EVOH barrier film with low shrink and low OTR


If you are interested in carrying out your own trials please follow the link and make a preliminary reservation for your trials online!


Author: Norbert Brunner, Research & Development