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16 Aug 2018

Polyester backsheet solutions with enhanced hydrolytic stability

Samples produced and tested in Brückner’s unique technology center
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18 Jun 2018

New benchmarks in sustainability and environmental protection

Stone paper is an ecological and modern alternative
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14 Dec 2017

New Technology Center Brochure

Updated information about the unique R&D facility
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01 Dec 2017

BOPP based barrier films with additional functionalities

Some recent BOPP barrier developments - brand new from the Brückner Technology Center
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19 Dec 2016

Sequential BOPP high seal strength films

Simplification of multi-web structures is a trend in the food packaging industry
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29 Aug 2016

Inline coating of polyester films for optical applications

The demand for large-sized LCD televisions remains high and therefore the need for high quality polyester films is still a very important topic for film …
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08 Aug 2016

Highly weatherable BOPET solar back sheet containing novel hydrolytic …

In conventional back sheets for PV modules, BOPET films serve as an electrical insulation layer for decades. In order to protect the electrical insulation …
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13 Jan 2016

New materials for high temperature capacitors

Innovative polymer-based films or coextruded polymers with high voltage and temperature resistance
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08 Dec 2015

Sleeve label technologies are exciting

New co-extruded low density shrink sleeve label film
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20 Feb 2015

New laboratory extrusion line at Brückner’s technology center

Brückner has extended the R&D platform at their technology center with a new laboratory extrusion line (LBE) in order to increase the opportunities for …
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02 Sep 2014

Latest developments KARO IV Labstretcher

For new developments the KARO IV labstretcher at Brückner’s technology center has been ugraded from 5-clip to 7-clip configuration.
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20 May 2014

Substrates made of simultaneously oriented PET films for printed electronics

The advantages of Brückner’s LISIM® technology of BOPET films used as substrates for printed electronics has been shown.
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28 Nov 2013

Latest developments at Brückner’s technology center

Long-term experience for various film types
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20 Jun 2013

BOPP capacitor film – simultaneous films with improved properties

How to optimize capacitor film production
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08 Feb 2013

Simultaneous and sequential BOPP UHB films with improved gas barrier …

Recent developments to achieve further improved barrier properties
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27 Nov 2012

Geometrical bowing and molecular orientation angle in BOPET films

The aim was to investigate in greater detail the occurrence of geometrical bowing and the average molecular orientation direction in biaxially stretched and …
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03 Aug 2012

Automated Shrinkage Measurement System

Polyester-based polymer substrates offer new fields of applications in the area of electronics, such as flexible OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays …
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02 Jul 2012

Newly developed: Coating thickness analyzer

Functional thin film coatings on BOPET film enhance the film properties and the product value with improved printability and metallization, antibacterial …
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01 Jul 2012

Siliconization of BOPET as release liner

Release liners for labels are needed for the growing pressure sensitive label market. Today silicon-coated paper is still dominant, plastic films represent a …
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02 May 2012

R&D for BOPET Inline Coating

Enhanced properties for value added products are more and more requested by the market. Using the inline coating technique it is possible to improve properties …
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19 Aug 2011

3D Force Measurement Online Sensor

During biaxial stretching of film, forces are generated which have to be transmitted through the clip configuration. Especially in simultaneous stretching …
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20 Jul 2011

PET film with 0% shrinkage up to 180°C by simultaneous stretching with …

20 Jul 2011 - BOPET film is well known and preferred in use for many packaging and technical applications. Some examples of new applications for BOPET films …
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06 Dec 2010

Technology Center Newsletter Issue 2

06 Dec 2010 - After our first newsletter in April this year it’s time for another update about our activities in our technology center. This time we focus on …
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