KARO® 5.0

KARO® 5.0

Test films and sheets in a very simple an economical manner

With our laboratory stretching machine KARO® 5.0 for monoaxial and biaxial film orientation it is possible to test films and sheets in a very simple and economical manner - in the sequential as well as in the simultaneous stretching mode.


It is ready for your use and can be rented on an hourly cost base:

  • Development of new film recipes and materials
  • Test of new skin layers / additives
  • Identification of process conditions
  • Generation of stress strain curves
  • Evaluation of film properties from stretched samples
  • Quality insurance for raw materials
  • Small batch production

Highlights & Benefits

  • Ergonomic machine design
  • Intuitive & easy machine control
  • Accurate, reliable film temperatures by circulating air ovens
  • Perfect process control by accurate temperature balance
  • Good accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Moving stretching system through different temperature zones - the same as at film stretching lines
  • Film orientation equipment
  • Laboratory Stretcher KARO® 5.0
  • Film stretching laboratory
  • Laboratory Stretching Machine KARO® 5.0
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