Laboratory Extrusion Line

Laboratory Extrusion Line

with integrated MDO

For the development of new film formulations or new film types Brückner Maschinenbau has installed a laboratory extrusion line (LBE) at their technology center.


This new extrusion line has the following features:

  • Two twin screw extruders (L/D-Ratio: 56:1 & 42:1) and one single screw extruder
  • Granulate, powder and liquid feeding units; for instance for the basic battery separator film R&D activities
  • Slid die with multi-layer feed block for the extrusion of single- or multi-layer cast films (ABA or ABC film structures)
  • MDO for the stretching of the cast film in machine direction


Four different investigation strategies are possible:

  • Produce a cast film and investigate the stretchability at the laboratory stretching frame KARO 5.0
  • Produce a cast film and investigate the simultaneous stretching behavior in the roll-to-roll process at the pilot line
  • Produce a cast film and stretch in machine direction (MD) at the LBE and afterwards in transverse direction at the KARO 5.0
  • Produce a cast film with MD stretching at the LBE and investigate the sequential stretching process in a roll-to-roll process at the pilot line


Laboratory Extrusion in co-operation with Fraunhofer Institute
Multi-layer co-extrusion with up to four different polymers for cast sheet production in co-operation with well-known Fraunhofer Institute for Packaging and Process Engineering. Suitable for tests on KARO 5.0 lab stretcher:

  • 5-layer co-extrusion with three different polymers: die width 600mm, 25 - 150kg/h, 20µm - 2mm
  • 7-layer co-extrusion with four different polymers: die width 300mm, 1 - 15 kg/h, 20µm - 1.5mm
  • Possibility of extrusion coating and extrusion lamination
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