Innovation Test Center

Innovation Test Center

All our technical improvements are rigorously tested

Our “Innovation Test Center” is an important part of the professional development process at Brückner Maschinenbau for a number of reasons: We aim to offer our customers proven technological solutions that are absolutely reliable. This also applies in the case of completely new innovative projects even if they are being used in production for the very first time.


We prove our expertise in advance through experiments and measurements on several testing devices:


High-speed clip and track test stands in production environment

  • Feasibility of speed increase under simulated production conditions
  • Optimization of all components in order to not only reduce lubrication, but also friction and temperatures


Oven test bed and nozzle boxes

  • Further development of new oven nozzles and other concepts
  • Analysis of air distribution and temperature homogenity


Test stand for high-speed roller chains

  • Analysis of all components and their applicability for high speed
  • Precise measurement and analysis of vibrations to eliminate wear


Nip roll test stand

  • Testing of new roller surfaces


Test stand for simultaneous stretching systems

  • Further development of the linear motor drive system as well as the process and control system
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