Displays & Screens

Displays & Screens

Major components designed for clean room

Advanced technologies for BOPET optical film grades

Polyester film is the first choice for touch screens, light collimated films, holographic reflector films, polarizing films, diffusing films, shielding films, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and hard-coated films. It is strong and flexible, resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals and moisture. With its smooth, clean surface it is ideal for optical coatings. Available in thermally stabilized grades to offer superior flatness, PET is the material of choice for display applications requiring precise dimensional control.


Brückner provides unparalleled solutions for high performance BOPET optical film grades up to 400 µm.

Besides the lines for sequential stretching, Brückner’s simultaneous stretching technology LISIM® with advanced linear motor technology offers


  • Contact free stretching for superior surface properties
  • Unique and flexible stretching and relaxation ratios
  • Several features for first-class optical films: low bowing and even film properties, low and balanced shrink, high dimensional stability
  • A wider range of adjustable product parameters