Plastimagen Mexico 2017

Innovative line concepts for the manufacture of trendy packaging films


At Plastimagen in Mexico City (Booth 1236) Brückner Maschinenbau concentrates on innovations for an efficient manufacture of BOPP packaging film and shrink film labels. 

  • High performance BOPP packaging film lines:
    Brückner’s BOPP film stretching lines are the widest (up to 10.4 m), fastest (above 600 m/min) and most productive (up to 65,000 tons/year) within the industry. All BOPP line developments include brand-new energy saving measures in both, thermal and electrical respect, e.g. the high speed extrusion system.
  • Shrink film and labels – solutions for fast growing applications:
    Plastimagen visitors will see the latest shrink film lines for in-line and off-line production of trendy sleeve applications with high-value appearance based on PET-G, PS, PVC and different types of polyolefines. The solutions to be presented focus on highest flexibility and increased outputs.