Technological innovations for the K 2016

Easier operation, more power, less consumption

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Intelligent Line Management: Simplified line operation and higher line availability

Brückner’s “Intelligent Line Management” (ILM) is an integrated solution which smooths the way for Brückner’s customers’ to operate their production line. The focus lies here on a new way of operating the lines, putting the emphasis on the process view as opposed to the usual machine view. This new operating concept is supported by an increasing amount of assistant systems.


BOPET lines with 10.4m working widths

For the K 2016 Brückner Maschinenbau will present a 10.4m BOPET concept for the first time ever in the world. This will fulfil the demands for higher productivity in BOPET production: The new lines convince with around 20% more output capacity with the proven speeds of up to 515m/min.


BOPP lines: Lower operating costs with higher efficiency

Brückner’s newly designed sliding system means speed increases up to over 600m/min. At the same time newly developed materials led to a reduction of the lubrication use by more than 50%.

A new winder system caters for higher line efficiency. In the future Brückner lines can take 40% more winder length by increasing the winder diameter from 1.55m to 1.8m. More winder length means fewer roll changes and therefore less waste, which effects productivity, changeover time and energy consumption for the entire line.


BOPA Technology: Higher yield on simultaneous and sequential lines

Brückner’s LISIM® simultaneous stretching process is enjoying an increased demand. For the K the company presents BOPA lines with a working width of 6.6 meters, instead of the usual 5.1 meters - for the sequential process as well as for the simultaneous process. This increases the output by a good 30% and substantially also increases productivity.