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26 Aug 2010

Wing Ning Packaging Film is challenging – and therefore goes with Brückner again

Wing Ning Packaging Film Ltd. located in Zhong Shan City, is one of China`s most experienced BOPP film manufacturers and honored as "Excellent Company of Guang Dong". Established in 1987, the company is a sought-after supplier of plain, mat, pearlized, heat sealable, cigarette and metalizing film. Wing Ning Packaging Film`s staff enjoys an excellent reputation as absolute insiders in all matters of BOPP film production, making high technological demands on their suppliers.


Therefore, we are proud that Wing Ning`s new production line is once again from Brückner. The 8.2m wide high speed line is packed with the latest technical features, i.e. an asymmetric co-extrusion that gives Wing Ning the possibility to broaden their product range with the manufacture of thick film or synthetic paper.


The new line will go on stream in 2012 – perfectly timed for the company`s 25th anniversary. It will already be the fifth one in a long row of joint projects together with Brückner. Starting in the late 1980s with a 5-layer BOPP line, further milestones followed in 1994, 2002 (again 5-layer) and 2009. The perfect commissioning of the latter made Brückner the obvious choice for Wing Ning again.

The fifth joint project in more than twenty years