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15 Feb 2010

When it comes to industrial BOPET film, it has to be a Brückner

The renowned Chinese BOPET film producer, Shaoxing Weiming Plastics Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of Zhejiang Wuming Group - has just awarded a contract for a BOPET thick film line to Brückner. The new line is aimed for the production of thicker Polyester film, ranging from 50 to 250 µm, to meet the demand for increasingly popular technical film, e.g. back sheets for solar panels.


Currently, Shaoxing Weiming Plastics has three general purpose BOPET packaging film lines in operation – two from Brückner and one from a competitor. However, for their important recent investment, Shaoxing Weiming Plastics finally decided on a Brückner, in view of their trust in Brückner’s proven process expertise, reliability, the well established service and after-sales support and - last but not least - innovative technology :



Well-proven extrusion technology, based on vast Barmag/Brückner know-how

Advanced oven technology

Heavy duty chain track system

Optimized thick film winding system for finest film quality and smooth further processing


Both, the President and the General Manager of Shaoxing Weiming Plastics strongly emphasized their confidence that Brückner is the right partner to fulfill all requirements for the production of high quality BOPET thick film.

Proven process expertise and reliability in high quality BOPET thick film