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11 Oct 2010

When it comes to BOPET, film producers can rely on Brückner

Recently, film producers from China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan and India have decided to go with Brückner for their new BOPET film projects. They are all convinced of our innovative solutions for a flexible, efficient, high performance production of oriented polyester films.


Besides high-class technology and machinery, film manufacturers are also requiring an optimum commissioning for their early return on investment: Excellent quality film on the winder shortly after start-up – and from then on after a continuous high output-production. Brückner`s excellent reputation for achieving exactly that has been currently proven once again.



At Foshan Energetic Co., Ltd. a BOPET thick film line went on stream after a short and smooth start-up. The line will produce films up to 350 µm thickness and will help to satisfy China`s increasing demand for industrial film and film for various technical applications in top quality.

Shanghai Bangkai Plastic Technological Co., Ltd. has been producing fine polyester packaging film on their new 8.7m wide Brückner high speed line ever since the perfect start.  


Both successful projects underline: When it comes to BOPET, Brückner provides technologies and services which add value to our customers` film production.  

Foshan Energetic: High-tech solutions for A-class BOPET film
Foshan Energetic: Good film on winder shortly after start-up
Shanghai Bangkai Plastic: High performance production of oriented polyester film
Shanghai Bangkai Plastic`s owner Ruan Rong Guang and Brückner site manager Erasmus Maierhofer: Lucky after a perfect commissioning and start-up