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16 Apr 2003

Ultra-thin BOPP capacitor film in top quality within no time after line start-up

Due to superior Project management Brückner and Zhejiang Nanyang Electronic Film Co., Ltd. were able to start their advanced 4.2m BOPP capacitor film line two full weeks earlier than agreed. Straight away the customer was able to produce superior capacitor film in 24h continuous shift operation. The produced film easily meets highest international standards with an thickness profile of 2-sigma < 0.6%.


Within four weeks after startup both guarantee runs (with 6.8 µm and 3.8 µm) were completed, what is another proof for Brückner’s unchallenged reliability in Biaxial Stretching Technology.


Features of the Brückner line

This exceptional performance could only be achieved in this time with a Brückner line that features:


IR scanner for best measurement accuracy especially of thin film (supplier: NDC-Infrared Engineering)

Absolutely precise profile control due the perfect combination of:

High TD-resolution of the infrared measurement (spot size 9mm, compared to approx. 25mm for Pm147)

Brückner`s patented, advanced thickness control system with very narrow die bolt pitch of 10mm

New enhanced software for very precise die bolt mapping 


Other line highlights

TDO features a new, maintenance free roller chain system with sprocket-free inlet turnaround.


High speed design

Low weight

Oil free

Easy & quick clip and chain maintenance

Maximum lifetime



Brückner`s unique direct drive system for rollers in the pull roll stand and contact roll stand are most accurate, reliable, easy to operate and need zero maintenance. 


The motor is directly mounted to the rollers` shafts. No gears, no belts – and therefore no contamination from belts` wear.



Pull roll stand with trend-setting film tension control among all rollers to optimise the setting of the film tension – only possible in combination with direct drive system 


display of actual film tension without tension rolls:

active control of film tension

direct input of desired film tension

compensation of disturbances

excellent edge cutting



Pull Roll Stand without nip rolls to avoid surface damages of the film. Even at Corona Rollers air knives across the width are used instead of nips to guarantee no backside treatment.


Superior contact winding system with direct drives for the winding spindles (no gears involved) to achieve optimal winding quality for ultra-thin film: specially designed low bending contact roll – for advanced contact winding of ultra-thin films.

Mr. Shao Yutian, Chairman of Directors Board of Zhejiang Nanyang and Olaf Kley, Project Manager, during signing ceremony;