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28 Aug 2003

Turnkey BOPP plant for OAO Novatek

Brückner heads towards the Russian BO film market


Brückner has taken a huge leap forward towards the up-and-coming Russian film market: A contract has just been signed with the Moscow-based company, OAO Novatek for a complete turnkey project for the production of high-quality BOPP film.

Undoubtedly, Novatek is one of Russia`s foremost companies and is Number Two in the country within the field of gas exploration and distribution. The new BOPP film plant will be located in Nowokujbyschew/Samara.


Main criteria which led to Novatek`s decision in favour of Brückner:


Unrivalled competence and most advanced technology from the world market leader

High innovation and flexibility with regard to project financing, terms of payment and delivery

Profound experience in the realization of real turnkey projects

German quality and reliability



A Turnkey Project in every Aspect - widespread scope of supply and services:


State-of-the art complete BOPP stretching line: working width 8.2 m, production speed 340 m/min, annual output 25,500 tons, thickness range for plain and co-extruded film 10 - 60 µm

Downstream equipment, such as slitters and metallizers

Complete Civil Engineering including
- Supply of utilities: hot oil boiler system, generation and supply of chilled and tower water
- Plant logistic system incl. mill roll handling, slit roll handling
- Entire Factory Layout incl. office and adjoining buildings
- All installation materials, such as pipes and cables

Overall project management

Comprehensive programme for training and know-how transfer



In the new plant, Novatek will produce various kinds of high-quality film, such as metallized film, high shrinkage tobacco film, adhesive tape and numerous other opaque, plain and co-extruded film to satisfy the growing demand for packaging material in Russia.


Construction of the building is already underway in view of the fact that pre-engineering was conducted by Brückner. Realization of the project is thereby shortened by three months.


Brückner is able to warrant for an optimal project handling as an expert team has been established not only to concentrate on this highly sought-after project but also in the future to focus their attention on the particular needs emerging from the Russian market.


Brückner is the world's leading supplier of film stretching lines. The company builds the largest and fastest sequential lines and has performed pioneer development on simultaneous orientation. Today, over 500 Brückner production lines are running worldwide, already twelve of them in Eastern Europe.

Left to right: Leonid V. Mikhelson, chairman of the management board, Novatek; Elena Gouchtchina, Representative Alfa Bank; Peter Wellenhofer, Chief Executive Officer Brückner.
Left to right: Elena Gouchtchina, Representative Alfa Bank; Peter Wellenhofer, Chief Executive Officer Brückner.