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20 Nov 2008

Superb team spirit provides early start-up

The renowned Chinese film manufacturer Qunli Plastic Co. Ltd. and Brückner successfully teamed up for a perfect installation and start-up of the latest 8.2 m wide BOPP film stretching line – well ahead of timing.


An excellent cooperation with Qunli Plastic`s experts, particularly during check-up, provided the basis for the onward close collaboration with Brückner which in turn also led to a stable production and the yield of high quality film right from start. Thus, Qunli Plastic`s market position was not only strengthened but Brückner`s success story in reliable commissioning was further documented.


Mao Fangqian, Qunli Plastic`s Chairman of the Board, says: “We want to express our high appreciation to Brückner as we have perfectly finished installation and start-up earlier than schedule. Brückner`s technical staff gave us lots of assistance not only for the completion of the new line, but also offering a lot of effective suggestions to our older Brückner line. We sincerely hope we can further expand our bilateral cooperation in the near future. We look forward to maintaining the friendly relationship we have enjoyed up to now.”

Excellent cooperation on site for an early start-up