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01 Apr 2009

Stretching the limits: A new dimension in BOPET film production

Brückner`s unique, repeatedly proven multi-gap MD stretching unit opens new dimensions in polyester film production: For the very first time in Chinese BOPET film industry the limit of 400 m/min line speed has been topped. During the regular start-up operation the latest 8.7 m wide Brückner-line of Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing produced superior BOPET film at a speed level of 415 m/min and above. Due to an exceptionally high MD stretching ratio of 4.7 : 1 this is based on moderate pinning speeds - and the range for even higher production speeds is open for Jiangsu Suqian.


All in all, the multi-gap stretching ensures the customer utmost productivity and profitability through high uptime, output and stability as well as excellent mechanic and isotropic film properties.


In fact, the whole project was very successful right from the beginning:


Line start-up four weeks ahead of schedule

Superior BOPET film quality immediately thereafter

Stable performance at high speed  


In view of this sound commissioning, and the confidence in Brückner`s profound skills, Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing has purchased yet another 8.7 m wide BOPET line from Brückner.


Jiangsu Suqians’s president Mr. Wu Peifu says: “We are really proud to be the first in China to produce BOPET film at speeds above 400 m/min. To have achieved this speed level in such a short time is due to Brückner`s outstanding expertise as well as to the smooth cooperation between our staff and Brückner`s specialists. We are looking forward to more exciting headlines in our partnership.”

Multi-gap MD stretching unit
Highly efficient oven with heat recovery system
TDO inlet with patented LIWEB system for precise control of film gripping
Winder: State-of-the-art technology for perfect mill roll quality
Line speed trend: Speed-up to 415 m/min during regular start-up period
Snap-shot of control monitor: Line speed 415 m/min, high MD stretching ratio of 4.69