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12 Feb 2008

Smart Wealthy International kicks off 2nd Brückner line

Swift and smooth start-up of the 2nd BOPP film production line


Chinese film producer Shantou Smart Wealthy International Packing Materials Co., Ltd. again chose the right partner for their new line project. Their decision to pair up with Brückner once more led to the swift and smooth start-up of their 2nd BOPP film production line. Completely satisfied with the speedy results, Smart Wealthy International was able to start 24-hour shift production immediately after start-up. The produced film fully met their customers’ challenging requirements from the very beginning. The customized line - fully equipped with Brückner’s latest features - is one of the most powerful lines within the Chinese market.


Performance highlights:


Line installation and check-up: well ahead of schedule

 Start-up: A-grade film on winder after 1,5 hours

Continuous film production from the beginning

Successful guarantee run after 7 days



Zhou Xiuwen, Smart Wealthy International`s CEO said: “We thank Brückner’s excellent team for the perfect installation and their good cooperation with our staff. We appreciate very much their working attitude and professional skills: our workers learned a lot from them. SWI Ltd. is looking forward to the future partnership with Brückner.” 


Newly established as a J.V. company in June 2002 in Shantou, Guangdong Province, Smart Wealthy International was immediately successful from the start-up of their 1st Brückner BOPP line. They quickly earned a reputation for the high quality of their products. Based on this, they decided to invest into the 2nd production line in order to satisfy the fast growing film demand in their markets.