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25 Aug 2003

Six BOPA lines already sold in 2003

Biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film has excellent properties for various high-end applications: e.g. maximum strength and resistance, barrier to gases and flavours/odours, excellent haze and gloss, optimal printability. Consequently, BOPA film is used for the packaging of sensitive foods, vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products or applications in the medical sector.



Brückner is the only supplier of all three methods


With the aim of developing BOPA film of high quality, Brückner started research and development work more than 10 years ago and has meanwhile gained vast specific experience in this field. Furthermore, Brückner is the only supplier providing all three methods to biaxially stretch PA:


  • Sequential principle: Customers benefit from Brückner’s position as market leader for sequential stretching lines with more than 40 years of expertise within the field of 2-stage stretching. Sequentially stretched BOPA films fully meet all relevant criteria and the Brückner design ensures high yield using standard PA materials.
  • Simultaneous stretching with mechanical Pantograph principle: Since the 1960s, Brückner has pioneered this technology and is a patent owner for the Pantograph system. However, this technology is not flexible enough to cover production needs of today.
  • LISIM® simultaneous stretching: Brückner`s patented technology is the most advanced and fastest system for simultaneous stretching. Since 1998, LISIM® pilot and production lines have successfully been in operation, whereby excellent film properties for high-end applications are well proven (e.g.: enhanced strength and stiffness, top optical quality, low bowing).


In order to meet increased market demand, Brückner held a successful seminar on BOPA film at the Chinaplas 2002. During the course of the seminar, film producers and resin suppliers were invited to a special “BOPA Test Week” on Brückner`s LISIMâ laboratory line. Several companies made use of this opportunity to test different PA resins and thus benefited from special LISIMâ features, such as contact-free, smooth stretching for special surface quality and sensitive materials as well as MD/TD ratio flexibility.


Leading BOPA film producers put their trust in Brückner


From the beginning of 2003 up until August, Brückner has already sold six BOPA lines: one has been purchased by one of the world`s most established producers of BOPA film, American Biaxis.


This member of the leading Finnish international enterprise Wihuri Oy is already successfully running three BOPA production lines. The new line will have a working width of 4.2 m, run at a max. mechanical speed of 200 m/min and produce within a film thickness range from 8 to 30 µm with a yearly output of approx. 4,200 tons. American Biaxis` decision to switch from their previous supplier was mainly on account of Brückner`s high technical competence, experience in co-extrusion and multi-layer technology, and the innovative design of the new line, affording high production speeds. Furthermore, Brückner`s LISIM® technology is an attractive option for the future production of superior quality BOPA film.


Wihuri Oy company


The Wihuri Oy company consists of four strong divisions active in various business segments: Daily Goods, Technical Trade, Specialty Products and Services and Packaging. The latter segment, Packaging, is the most international of Wihuri's four divisions and is one of the world's leading suppliers of food and medical packaging materials and innovative packaging systems. Packaging in North America is conducted by Winpak Ltd., based in Winnipeg, Canada and majority owned by Wihuri Oy. Winpak operates ten facilities in the USA and Canada for the production of packaging materials and machinery.

American Biaxis


American Biaxis was founded in 1997 to extend the partnership that Wihuri Oy and Nichimen Corporation first began in Europe. American Biaxis, a joint venture of Winpak Ltd. and Nichimen Corporation, manufactures BOPA film for the North American market.

Bopa partnership