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03 Mar 2014

Portuguese Polivouga was looking for diversification – and found Brückner as partner

Expanding the product portfolio with high quality BOPP packaging film


The family-owned Polivouga Group is one of the major players within Portugal’s plastics industry. The single group companies are doing business in various fields such as agricultural and industrial films, flexible packaging solutions or plastic bags with a strong export focus.


The group member Polivouga Indústria de Plásticos S.A. is already in the markets for shrink film, stretch film and various multi-layer films for food packaging and is now heading for the expansion of its product portfolio with high quality BOPP packaging film.


Daniel Barros, President of the Group, says: “Entering into the BOPP business as a newcomer means that we have to meet the highest market demands from the very first moment we start production. Therefore we have chosen Brückner as our partner.”

Partners in a new BOPP film project: The Barros family and Brückner (represented by Senior Sales Manager Peter Mertes)