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10 Nov 2017

Plastimagen 2017: Focus on trendy food packaging solutions

Brückner’s line concepts and services intensively discussed


BOPP packaging film and shrink film labels are still the drivers in the Latin American food packaging film markets. No wonder that Plastimagen visitors wanted to discuss exactly these topics with the Brückner booth staff. High performance BOPP lines as well as Brückner’s latest shrink film lines for in-line and off-line production of trendy sleeve applications were in the focus. Long-time customers also showed much interest in Brückner Servtec’s local service offers and the specialty film conversion for existing film stretching lines.


At the joint Brückner Group booth, visitors also met Kiefel, and their latest thermoforming solutions, innovative technologies for premium cars as well as machinery and devices for the medical industry.


Once again Plastimagen was the perfect meeting point for Latin America’s plastics and packaging industry and a good place to discuss new business opportunities in various fields. We would like to thank all visitors for coming to our booth and for the very interesting conversations.


A big thank you to all visitors: Booth staff Brückner Group USA, Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec, Kiefel
Joint Brückner Group booth 5 minutes before Plastimagen opening
Joint Brückner Group booth 5 minutes after Plastimagen opening - a well-attended place for fruitful discussions
The main focus for Brückner's visitors: trendy packaging films and shrink labels