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12 Aug 2006

Pilot line expansion for all stretching modes ready to use


Brückner's unique Technology Centre enables comprehensive R&D for all kind of film stretching technologies under one roof. Now the original LISIM ® -Pilot-Line has been further expanded. Highlights are:



Highly flexible machine direction orienter unit (MDO)
- Direct drives for each roll
- Multi-gap stretching 
- Changeable roll surfaces
- Individually heated rolls

Additional clips to simulate a chain track for TDO

New IPC system with RDH ( Roll Data History ) and other features



Thus, for the first time, numerous film types up to 7 layers can be manufactured in all stretching mode s, using a wide variety of resins:



MD stretching - e.g. tapes

TD stretching - e.g. sleeves

Biaxial sequential - packaging and technical films

Biaxial simultaneous - specialty films


Basic Specifications: Book in time and p rofit by renting our new Pilot Line for your own film and resin development , e.g. multi-layer film, high shrinkable film, label film, low sealing co-ex film, smooth elastic film, synthetic paper