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15 Mar 2010

OPP Film`s CPP line breaking through the 400 m/min barrier

OPP Film S.A. together with Brückner successfully speeded up the Cast Polypropylene production line in Peru. Originally designed for a production speed of 300 m/min, the 4.8 m wide 3-layer line was already one of the world`s most powerful CPP extrusion lines. By pushing the line speed to 400 m/min the net output reached 1,900 kg/h of high quality flexible packaging film.


The amazing speed increase from 300 m/min to over 400 m/min was done within a few days, using standard raw material from South America,  and retaining the same film quality. It verifies Brückner’s strategy, to focus on width first and then address the challenge of line speed. The use of proven systems, developed and tested in numerous biaxial stretching lines, adapted to fit the requirements for CPP film production is the formula for success.


Reasons for this outstanding performance are the innovative solutions for Brückner’s CPP lines, including technical features such as:


Patented TCE thickness control linked with fast reacting die bolt system, for easy thickness change

Patented LIWIND® system, achieving high-quality rolls with diameters of up to 1,200 mm in contact mode

Direct drive technology to guarantee utmost energy efficiency and highest accuracy in line speed

Highest material efficiency by using fully integrated material supply system and industrial proved dosing units

High performance single screw extruders with optimized screw design

Unique monitoring and operating system for utmost line safety


The CPP line installed in 2009 enabled OPP Film, one of Latin America`s leading flexible film producers, to successfully expand their product portfolio. Beside their well established BOPP film business, OPP Film can now offer also high quality CPP film and thus strengthen their position in Latin American markets. Cast Polypropylene from OPP Film already enjoys the well deserved reputation for the tightest gauge tolerances in the entire region.


Due to the recently achieved performance enhancement, OPP Film has extended its position as the largest CPP producer in Latin America.

Innovative solutions for OPP Film`s CPP line
Large output of high quality flexible packaging film