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13 Dec 2006

OPP Film: Perfect line start-up leads to consecutive project

OPP Film, Peru, and Brückner finalised their first common project with a tremendous success: the new 8.2 m BOPP line has been producing A-grade film within only 24 hours after start-up. Another 12 days later all contracted guarantee-parameters have been fulfilled.


OPP Film`s President Jamil Zaidan Saba said: “The co-operation between Brückner`s team and our project management worked out from the very first moment to achieve the best commissioning we ever had”.


The line is the first of its kind fully equipped with direct drive technology for minimum maintenance, utmost film tension and process control. This, together with Brückner`s patented linear motor winding system LIWIND® for perfectly wound mill rolls guarantees optimal film quality. Additionally, the line`s high automation level permits an easy and safe operation.


Due to the perfect commissioning, OPP Film recently purchased a new 8.7 BOPP line from Brückner, starting in 2007 in Argentina for the newly founded company “Filmtech”.