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28 Jul 2009

Latest start-up in China: A symbiosis of high performance and low energy consumption

Zhongshan Wing Ning Film Ltd., a successful Chinese packaging film manufacturer and long-standing customer, has once again teamed up with Brückner in view of well-proven benefits, such as:



Fine and smooth commissioning of their latest 8.2 m BOPP film production line

24 h line operation ever since start-up

Outstanding line performance within a very short time: Constant speed way above 400 m/min at 15 µm just six weeks after line start-up

Saleable A-grade quality specialty film right from the very first day

Other film types, such as matt and pearlized to follow



Consequently, Zhongshan Wing Ning has accepted the entire line within a mere six weeks. The company`s General Manager, Mr. Li Jing Zhao, says: “Besides the brilliant productivity of our new line, we are really enthusiastic about the economical set-up with very low energy consumption. Brückner`s various energy saving solutions help us to contribute to the global efforts of reduced greenhouse gases - and of course to significantly reduce our own energy bills.”



Brückner`s total energy management



Twin screw technology saving energy: no resin pre-drying necessary,  gentle resin melting and improved melt quality due to degassing ports

Direct drives saving energy as gearboxes, flat belts and other transmission devices belong to the past

Regenerating energy for line drive systems

Water-cooled motors, saving air conditioning power

Improved insulation further reducing energy consumption




Zhongshan Wing Ning`s General Manager, Mr. Li Jing Zhao at the inauguration ceremony
Powerful team: Ronald Leung, Manager Technology Zhongshan Wing Ning, Henrik Hinner, Site Manager Brückner and the unique 1,500 kW AC motor
Brilliant productivity and low energy consumption
A compliment for Zhongshan Wing Ning`s professional team