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27 Jan 2009

It must be a Brückner: Tremendous performance from the start

Several recent smooth commissionings of high-speed BOPP lines have ensured Chinese film producers a promising start into the “Ox” Year.


Each of the lines went on stream in full accordance with the predetermined time schedules, ensuring that the producers were able to bring high-quality commodity as well as specialty film onto market in no time at all after start-up. All contracted guarantee-parameters were fulfilled quickly. Due to the completely stable performance of the lines, the customers were able to fully acknowledge them within a short time by signing the acceptance certificate.


A prime example for Brückner`s excellent commissioning was the exceptional long-term performance of Zhejiang Tongxiang Quanwei New Flexible Packaging`s 8.2 m BOPP film production line, which ran with a constant output of 4,500 kg/h for an entire week without any film break or other disturbances.


This proves once again that Brückner`s latest state-of-the-art line technology, in combination with an excellent customer cooperation, guarantees a high ROI – an important factor in these challenging economic times.

Exceptional long-term performance
Highest winding quality
Multigap stretching unit
Perfect heat distribution