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02 Jun 2009

It must be a Brückner: Biofilm`s Mexican line – yet another 500-plus reference

The Colombian film producer Biofilm S.A. and Brückner Maschinenbau have successfully crowned their latest joint project: Biofilm`s BOPP film production line in Altamira, Mexico, is now running at a constant speed of 525 m/min with a film thickness of up to 17 µm. For Brückner this is another prominent reference in the speed area above 500 m/min.


Jorge Villalobos, Biofilm`s Vice President Manufacturing, says: “Our goal with the new line was to produce fine films at utmost efficiency and productivity. Therefore we have chosen Brückner as partner, knowing about their proven, unrivaled expertise in this field. The intensive and smooth cooperation between our staff and Brückner`s experts ever since the start of this project have now finally led to this speed bench mark in terms of speed and output. Thus, I can say: we did choose the right partner. We are very proud of this achievement, however we also feel it our responsibility to give our customers the security that we are producing high quality film on the best equipment available.”  


The line`s excellent performance together with a number of special design features and the location in Mexico underline Biofilm`s strategic course aimed at the challenging NAFTA film markets.

Since its establishment in 1988, Biofilm has become a major enterprise in the international BOPP marketplace and is the largest exporter of BOPP films in Latin America. Their first production facility is located in Cartagena, Colombia, where today there are three Brückner production lines in total. In 2004, Biofilm opened their second manufacturing premises in Altamira, Mexico, again in cooperation with Brückner. The new, second Mexican line adds to this facility an additional 30,000 tons/year. Biofilm`s products are grouped into five main film categories: plain (non-heat sealable), coextruded heat sealable, metallized, opaque and labels.

Excellent line performance at a speed of 525 m/min
Fine films at utmost efficiency and productivity