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02 Dec 2009

Increasing demand for Brückner`s BOPA technology

Biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film provides excellent properties for various high-end applications: e.g. barrier to gases and flavours/odours. Consequently, BOPA film is used for the packaging of sensitive frozen and cooked foods, pickled vegetables, agricultural and aquatic products but also for main applications in the medical sector.


After the intensive investment period in 2003/2004 the demand for BOPA film now exceeds the current production capacity. Thus, the demand for Brückner`s advanced BOPA technology is increasing once again. Recent negotiations with experienced customers showed that Brückner`s 2-stage stretching technology perfectly meets film producers` needs. High line speeds and especially the twin screw extrusion system allowing direct feedback of the edge trim are granting superb production efficiency. Moreover, Brückner is the only supplier to offer 5 m wide film web, coping with today’s slitting demands. Additionally, the proven energy saving features such as direct drives and heat recovery system enhance film producers` profitability.


Numerous Brückner BOPA lines are already successfully in operation in Asia, North and Latin America, helping our customers to market first grade film. Two more contracts for efficient, 5m wide lines have been signed recently, clearly stating Brückner`s leading position in BOPA technology.

Brückner BOPA line in operation
Brückner`s technology perfectly meets film producers` needs
BOPA film has excellent barrier properties
BOPA film is used for the packaging of sensitive food