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23 Mar 2004

Incoming Orders are almost doubled

Brückner stays on track with their all-time record


The Brückner Group in Siegsdorf is once again able to look back upon an extremely successful year. Orders in 2003 totalled 495 Mio. Euro - almost doubling the orders of the previous year (254 Mio. Euro). The turnover for 2004 will most likely top 400 Mio. Euro (2003: 235 Mio. Euro), given the fact that in view of the delivery dates, some of the contracts concluded last year relate to the sales turnover for 2005. That is to say, that already now part of the turnover figure for 2005 is secured.


Brückner was able to increase their world market share for film stretching lines from 50% in the year 2002 to over 60%. This steady positive development is mainly attributable to the following factors:


Persistent reaction to the - even for Brückner - unexpected long-term investment activity prevailing within the Chinese film market at such extent 

Enhancement of technological leadership in terms of innovative equipment design for flexible and reliable film production

Extremely reliable adherence to contractual terms of delivery - even in times of the order boom - thanks to an efficient organisation structure and profound project management philosophy

Drastic shortening of duration of on-site installation and start-up to ensure early returns on customer investment 

Continual expansion of service operations by the subsidiary company, Brückner ServTec

Success of Brückner Formtec, supplier of film & sheet lines for semi-finished products and various technical applications, such as vacuum-formed trays and cups

Experienced staff members with a well-balanced range of age-groups and expertise


Period of Consolidation is Foreseen

Brückner is anticipating a certain concentration in the future, however, also a consolidation of the world market for film production and film consumption. Consequently, an expansion of personnel capacities has taken place very cautiously even in times of the boom. An exhaustion of the market potential available and a strengthening of the market leadership is also being pursued by the Brückner Group by means of the the following strategic measures:


Expansion of the product programme also by alliances with technology-related companies

Response to market demand for turn-key factories from the one source. This tendency is on the one hand the outcome of a cut-back in engineering capacities by the producers, yet on the other hand the logical implementation of the well-affirmed Brückner organisation and solid production technology.



Company profile

Brückner Group is the leading supplier of stretching lines for oriented films in particular for packaging material and technical applications. Brückner Formtec is successful within the field of film and sheet lines. Brückner ServTec focuses on increasing service requirements of customers throughout the world.