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06 Jul 2010

Hyosung chooses Brückner to conquer industrial & optical film markets

Founded in 1966, Hyosung Corporation, Korea, has grown to be one of the most prestigious conglomerates in Korea, with approximately 17,000 employees in seven performance groups and 24 performance units. Hyosung`s film business unit is one of Korea`s leading manufacturers of excellent polyester and nylon film, applied to a wide range of applications.


It`s Hyosung`s declared goal to conquer the booming but challenging markets for industrial and optical BOPET film with superior quality. Thus, the company decided to take this forward-looking step together with Brückner – and has chosen our unique, most advanced and reliable technology for simultaneous film stretching. The benefits for Hyosung are:



Non-contact stretching process as precondition for even, scratch-free surfaces

Unequalled flexibility through the on-line adjustable simultaneous stretching curves for MD and TD orientation

Unrivalled range on stretching pattern for simultaneous relaxation in MD and TD after stretching

Thickness range over 200µm which is unreachable for other simultaneous systems

Utmost efficiency through high output and unique  working width



With this high end simultaneous stretching technology Hyosung is prepared to match the challenging requirements for optical films today and will set new standards for tomorrow. Both, Hyosung and their future customers will benefit from high quality and high value products, achieved by contact free stretching.   

Optical film with superior quality
A wide range of high value applications