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16 Apr 2008

How to produce BOPET thick film up to 500µm simultaneously

Yet another breakthrough for simultaneous stretching based on patented LISIM® technology


The capabilities of Brückner`s pilot line facility - the core of the company`s unique technology center - are constantly enhanced and adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Outcome of Brückner`s recent research and development is the possibility to extrude and stretch PET into S-BOPET film in a thickness range of 500 µm. Aside the fact that this unique film thickness is attainable via simultaneous stretching without any surface-contact, this remarkable innovation proves the absolute reliability of Brückner`s FEM models implemented to precisely determine the forces needed for stretching. This enables Brückner to design simultaneous film stretching lines for the contact-free production of finest quality films in such extended thickness range.


Once again, LISIM® technology, the only system without maintenance-prone mechanical links, offers significant possibilities for manufacturers of high value optical films, mainly applied in the fast growing flat panel display market, namely polarizer film, retardation film and protection film. Meanwhile, the first LISIM® lines for optical films are on stream, yielding excellent BOPET films to the market.


Customers can likewise benefit from Brückner`s pilot line for their own R&D and sample production either for assessment of further converting processes, end product evaluation or premarketing purposes.


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