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18 Feb 2011

Continuing the long line of smooth start-ups

Recently, film producers from China and Indonesia experienced an optimum commissioning of their brand new Brückner film production lines. A fast and smooth start-up, rapidly achieved high production speeds and a continuous A-grade output right from the start ensure their early ROI.



P.T. Argha Karya Prima Industries, one of the leading film producers in South-East Asia, started Indonesia’s first 8.7m wide BOPP line. Brückner not only supplied the line but a huge turnkey package comprising utilities, up and down stream production equipment as well as engineering and purchasing services.

For Chinese film manufacturer Hebei Bazhou Fuxing Color Printing Packaging Co. Ltd., working with Brückner meant good film on the winder immediately after start-up. On their 8.2m BOPP line all contracted guarantee-parameters were fulfilled within only a few days.  

Just in time before Chinese New Year our long-term customer Fujian Fuzhou Jingtai Package Film sold perfect BOPP film produced on their new Brückner line. The teamwork between the customer’s staff and our commissioning experts once again worked out perfectly, as proven so many times in the past. 


We`d like to thank our customers for the outstanding cooperation during the entire projects.

Perfect coopereation between Brückner's experts and customer's staff
Latest technology - running according to time schedules
German workmanship + a smooth commissioning = early ROI