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04 Jul 2017

Congratulations to Qiming New Material on another perfect start-up!!

Biggest output, highest speed


Top BOPP quality film smoothly reaching the winder indicated the beginning of successful production for Qiming New Material in Cangnan, Wenzhou. As of now they will serve the market with their biggest output of 6000 kg/h and their highest speed of 450m/min. The smooth start-up will help Qiming New Material scale new heights in the film market!


The new line adopted the 4-layer extrusion design to increase product profolio. The TDO electrical heating demonstrates Qiming’s determination to protect the environment while at the same time increasingly developing its business. As the first line with MDO double nip-roll design, the film quality has been further enhanced.


The success of the smooth start-up lies in the mutually diligent cooperation. Since the beginning of installation, Qiming New Material has supported Brückner personnel in all aspects, while Brückner sent a strong technical team for expert supervision and collaboration. The challenges of such a big scale project has been mastered by both parties working hand in hand, resulting in great film reaching the winder through a concerted joint work effort!


After this smooth start-up, Brückner wishes Qiming New Material prosperous business and continuous growth!


Latest BOPP technology on stream in time
Special MDO design for top film quality
Successful start-up due to the mutually diligent cooperation