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26 May 2015

Chinaplas 2015: Brückner hits the market needs again

Visitors from all over the world were impressed by recently proved successful Brückner projects


When planning the Chinaplas appearance some months ago, Brückner Maschinenbau mainly concentrated on two topics: the latest developments helping Chinese and international film producers to enter into high quality technical film areas and achieving the utmost productivity for their film production lines. Both topics turned out to be a direct hit – numerous visitors of the Brückner booth from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, ASEAN countries, India, Pakistan, Iran and many other countries asked exactly for these!


But Brückner not only presented high-end solutions – essential technological advancements have been recently proved by successful projects in China and results were intensely discussed at the booth:

  • Brückner’s unique LISIM® technology for the manufacture of highest quality simultaneously oriented BOPA films. One highlight during the show was a small celebration at the Brückner booth for the smooth cooperation and start-up of the first kind of such an advanced production line in China a few weeks ago
  • Lines to produce multi-layer barrier films for added-value packaging and protection films
  • Stretching lines for high end optical applications such as diffusion or prism films
  • Brückner’s patented EVAPORE® process and proven components for the so called WET process for an efficient production of battery separator films


Many meetings focused on reduced energy consumption and optimized raw material usage within the film production. Brückner Maschinenbau’s solutions met the visitors’ expectations and fully matched the traditional Chinaplas key aspect of “green technologies”. Also in line with the growing demand for environmental protection: Brückner Servtec, the service affiliate, presented various energy saving technologies for upgrading existing film stretching lines.


In this connection a special event was organized as part of the “Blue Competence” energy efficiency and sustainability program promoted by the German machinery trade Group VDMA: the world class table tennis champion Timo Boll competed against young Chinese players and against Christoph Mayer, managing director of Brückner Technology (Suzhou). Journalists, VDMA member firms and their customers enjoyed this sportive interlude on the first day of the fair.


At the joint Brückner Group booth, besides Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec, visitors also met Kiefel, showing the latest developments for the packaging, automotive, medical & appliance industry, and PackSys Global, presenting advanced packaging equipment.


All Brückner Group members were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of visitors, their internationality and the high quality of the conversations. Thanks to all who came over to the booth!

A heartfelt thanks to all visitors at the joint Brückner Group booth
Many fruitful discussions
An absolute highlight during the show: celebration at the Brückner booth for the smooth start of the LISIM BOPA line at Xiamen Changsu
Always busy but in a pleasant atmosphere
A sportive challenge: Timo Boll competed against Christoph Mayer, managing director of Brückner Technology (Suzhou)