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28 Jan 2009

Brückner’s newest 8.7m BOPET line start-up

Perfect start for the New Year

A great joint success for Jiangsu Suqians’s staff and Brückner`s commissioning experts.


The Chinese New Year has begun in a fantastic manner for the renowned Chinese film producer Jiangsu Suqian Color Plastic Packing Co., Ltd.: the start-up of their brand new 8.7 m BOPET film production line took place without a hitch on the day of Lunar New Year, 25 January (an extraordinary four weeks ahead of schedule !) and quickly thereafter began producing A-grade film. This is a great joint success for Jiangsu Suqians’s staff and Brückner`s commissioning experts.


“We really appreciate your efforts and the measures which you invested into the start-up, as well as the hard work of your people on-site. We thank you very much for your high efficiency and hope we both will further the good cooperation,” Jiangsu Suqians’s president Mr. Wu Peifu said in a statement.


A multitude of high-performance innovations will guarantee the customer’s productivity and profitability. First and foremost there is the unique, repeatedly proven Brückner multi-gap stretching unit which ensures higher production speeds at much lower pinning speeds (compared to the benchmark technology) based on an exceptionally high MD stretching ratio of over 4.5 : 1.


This successful start-up documents a consistent and logical further step in Brückner’s ongoing and continuous series of developments within the BOPET area. Constantly stretching the limits - from 6.2 m to 6.7 m to 8.2 m and now to 8.7 m film width -  Brückner’s innovative solutions continue to ensure a flexible, efficient, high output-production of oriented polyester films.

Salable film from day one
Line design for high performance BOPET film
President Mr. Wu Peifu and Brückner Project Manager Fabian Böttger