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24 Mar 2015

Brückner’s 10.4m lines well-proven in the field

Utmost efficiency & minimum energy consumption


Jiangsu Hengchuang Packaging Material Co., Ltd., already successfully operating three 8.2m BOPP lines and one 6.6m BOPP line from Brückner since many years, decided to invest in Brückner Maschinenbau’s latest and most advanced 10.4m line technology – in order to strive for the utmost efficiency at reduced production costs.


The remarkable line figures are a maximum speed of 525 m/min, a maximum output of 7,571 kg/h and a maximum film width of 10.4m result in an annual output of 56,785 tons.


As expected, the start-up by the end of 2014 was extremely smooth and within a few days the line was being fully utilized. Already in this first phase an output of 7,500 kg/h and a speed of 510 m/min could be continuously achieved. Jiangsu Hengchuang are extremely satisfied with their latest high tech investment.


But beside the line’s productivity, Jiangsu Hengchuang was also interested to discover the real production costs of the new generation of Brückner lines. The biggest part of these costs are from the electrical energy consumption. So Jiangsu Hengchuang monitored the energy consumption of the line very carefully – and found even their highest expectations outperformed: more than 20% reduced energy consumption compared to the already low consumption of previous Brückner lines have been recorded in the first quarter of production!


Their new line’s stable and efficient production of high quality films with low energy consumption prepares Jiangsu Hengchuang for the future in a challenging and highly competitive business environment.





江苏省恒创包装材料有限公司,多年来已经成功运行着从布鲁克纳引进的3条8.2米BOPP生产线和一条6.6米BOPP生产线,决定投资在最新和最先进的10.4米布鲁克纳线技术 – 以争取最高的效率从而降低生产成本。


这条线令人瞩目的数据是525米/分钟的最高速度, 7,571公斤/小时的最大产量, 生产最大膜宽10.4米时, 年产量是56,785吨。正如预期的那样,2014年底的投产是非常顺利,在短短几天之内该线得到充分利用。在第一阶段已能持续取得产量7,500公斤/小时和速度510米/分钟的成绩。江苏省恒创对他们的最新高科技投资感到非常满意



除了该线的生产效率,江苏恒创也有兴趣去体验新一代的布鲁克纳线的实际生产成本。这些成本的最大部分是来自电能消耗。因此江苏恒创非常仔细监测生产线的能耗 - 发现即使是他们最高期望也超过:相比以前布鲁克纳已很低能耗的生产线,在第一季度产量已显示新线能降低20%以上的能耗!



High quality film at utmost efficiency & reduced production costs
Extremely smooth line start due to a perfect teamwork
Remarkable line figures: speed 525 m/min, film width 10.4m, annual output 57,000 tons