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17 Dec 2008

Brückner steps up activity in CPP markets


Zhejiang Great South East, one of China`s largest film producers, and Brückner have successfully completed a brand new high performance CPP line. A perfect cooperation between the experts of both companies led to a swift and smooth start-up.


Great South East`s Chief Engineer, Mr. Fang Da Guan, says: “Since the very start of our new line we are continuously running 3 shifts non-stop. Moreover, the line speed has already almost reached the maximum specification. The film quality is absolutely top, our customers are very satisfied. Within the first weeks since start-up, we have already produced more than 100 tons A-grade film.”  


Line specifications:


3-layer CPP line

Max. mechanical speed up to 300 m/min

Roll width: 4,700 mm

Net film width on winder: 4,200 mm

Net output up to: 1,400 kg/h



Successful completion also in Japan  


Another Brückner CPP line has been fully accepted by a Japanese customer. On this line high-tech films for the LCD/TFT manufacturing industry are produced, providing excellent optical properties and thus, meeting highest quality standards of Japanese and international markets.


Both projects underline the successful entry of Brückner in the high-end segment of the CPP manufacturing equipment.

A swift and smooth start-up