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21 May 2007

Brückner's successful worldwide fair participations

Different markets, different solutions


At „CMM JAPAN & JSP 2007“ in Tokyo, visitors at the Brückner booth showed great interest in production lines for high value optical films. These films are made of PET, TAC, COC, COP, PVA or PC. They are used as polarizer film, retardation film and protection film on flat-screen televisions, desktop monitors, laptops, cellphones or flexible displays to enhance the brightness and increase viewing angles.


The great demand for high-class flat screens led to numerous fruitful discussions and presentations about Brückner`s LISIM® lines. With MD and TD stretching ratios flexible in a wide range, the non-contact stretching, and the clean room suitable design, this technology offers the best solution for the most challenging optical properties. Also new principles for retardation film stretched with MD-ratio < 1 and at the same time with TD-ratio > 1 aroused the visitors` interest.


Besides this, Brückner presented very flexible production lines for non-oriented films as well as for all kind of oriented films with the sequential stretching technology. This includes complete lines and also turnkey plants, suitable for clean room operation.


Brasilplast, Sao Paulo


Latin Americas film industry gathered at “Brasilplast” in Sao Paulo. Discussions at the Brückner booth focussed on how to lower production and energy costs and how to increase efficiency for the production of BOPP film. Brückner`s lines perfectly meet these requirements: widths up to 10m, speeds above 500 m/min, outputs of up to 6,000 kg/hr, increased raw material performance and energy saving solutions.


Additionally, vistors` interest was directed towards Brückner`s latest equipment for added value BOPET films with a unique 2-gap MDO stretching unit for high speed production and advanced shrink film line concepts, ready to serve the fast growing markets for trendy labels, full body sleeves or tamper evident packaging.


In numerous talks members of the plastics industry all over Latin America highly appreciated the recent acquisition of Kiefel as significant step to further strengthen the strategic development of the whole Brückner Group. Thereby Latin America will be on of the key markets for Brückner.

CMM, Tokyo: great interest in high value optical films
Brasilplast, Sao Paulo: solutions for utmost efficiency